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Social Distance Procurement

During the recent weeks the majority of businesses have needed to work remotely and change there working practises to ensure productivity and future survival.

Some business have found this to be a real struggle where others have possibly found the new operating normal. As the majority of our procurement services are outsource, JPS were already established to work remotely in order to manage our clients ever changing environment and requirements.

Using various communication packages such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc We have been able to work remotely as well as an integrated part of the clients team. Keeping them updated on all aspects of their procurement and supply chain activity. From daily P2P procurement requirements through to Capital Project procurement programs.

All while maintaining the UK Governments social distancing guidelines and protecting our staff and there's.

For more information on how JPS can support your business going forward. Please contact us today to book your free consultation. Either via Email or Telephone +44 (0)1325 329876.


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