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Strategic Transformation

Find out more about how JPS can support you through Strategic Transformation


JPS complete a full Procurement Supply Chain Analysis of the business:

  • Annual Spend Data

  • P2P Process

  • Existing Supply Chain Agreements

  • Commercial Governance

  • Operational Structure

These programs allow our clients to cut annual costs by in excess of 14% as well as improving their existing supply chain/procurement processes, commercial controls and governance.

JPS present our findings detailing the following:

Spend Analysis

Key Improvement Targets

Cash Flow

Prime Cost

Key Observations

Business Improvements - Process & Governance

The Problems We Solve

What is a Supply Chain Strategic Transformation?

.  .  .

It is very simply a program of identified change in order to deliver our clients strategic advantages back into their business. In essence to currently improve how you do procurement today, to increase overall profitability, cash flow and governance within our client’s organisations.

In the SME environment thinking strategically takes to much time and effort to achieve the best impact in a business. Therefore, most SME’s work on their requirements from a tactical perspective and do not look long term or strategically with their supply chain targets.

This tactical approach drives the use of numerous suppliers, usually for similar products with no real long term fixed prices which then impacts the daily workload of the team responsible for managing this.


Why are JPS a safe pair of hands dealing with this problem?

At JPS we specialise in Supply Chain Strategic Transformation and have completed numerous programs for both large and small SME businesses. However, before we even begin any Strategic Transformation program, JPS firstly complete a full Supply Chain Analysis of the client’s business.

This includes reviewing a number of key factors including; Financial Data, Current Procurement Process & Governance, Capability of the existing team, Operational Requirements, Existing Agreements etc.

This process provides JPS the full information to fully analyse and review our clients existing supply chain function to best identify the most dynamic transformation targets for the program going forward.

How We Solve Problems

From the Supply Chain Analysis Review, JPS provide our clients with a full report detailing:

- Full Spend Analysis Report
- Key Observations
- Identified Target Improvements, including:


  • Prime Cost

  • Cashflow

  • Business Improvements – Process & Governance

- JPS Fixed Fee (Staged)

To provide clients with additional confidence that they will achieve significant return on their investment, JPS offer a clearly staged fee structure that identifies core targets to be completed within each agreed timeline.


The fee includes a bonus element to ensure JPS deliver on the key saving identified in the report.

Our clients can then make a fully informed decision to move forward or not at this point without any major impact of cost.

What does success look like for the client?

Once the client is happy to move forward, JPS will actively manage the daily requirements both internally in the client’s offices and remotely to ensure the identified targets are achieved if not surpassed. A monthly procurement review meeting is held with the client in order to review progress, obtain updates on the business, clarify additional information or requirements, obtain client approval on all proposed recommendations, award of new agreements, accurately track targets etc.

All of these activities are carried out by JPS to ensure minimum disruption to client’s personnel allowing them to concentrate on other operations within the business.

Once the transformation program is complete and all the targets achieved. Our clients are left with a fully transformed supply chain, dedicated fixed prices agreements providing maximum returns in regard to cost reduction. Vastly increased cash-flow. Robust business cost controls clearly aligned with the clients activities and governance to ensure costs remain low going forward.

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