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Oil & Gas

Procurement services to the oil and gas industry.


Over 20 years experience

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Although some people believe the Oil & Gas sector is on the decline. Oil and gas will still provide two-thirds of total primary energy by 2035 according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The expenditure focus has now shifted to primarily maintenance of assets rather than new projects going forward. 


Procurement within the Oil & Gas sector has always been a fully embraced and embedded in the larger EPC organisations to ensure the correct procurement reviews take place based on the whole life analysis of the asset or new capital equipment requirements. 
Today this remains the same, however due to reduction in overheads some of these experienced procurement professionals are no longer available.


This is where JPS can help. With over 20 years Oil and Gas EPC procurement expertise within the team, JPS are the safe pair of hands to strategically procure the largest projects requirements.

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