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Commercial Services

JPS have the ability to offer a range of commercial and procurement services on a consultancy basis to support your business.


JPS have the ability to offer a range of commercial and procurement services on a consultancy basis to support your business.

These services include:


  • Bid & Estimating Support

  • Supply Chain Analysis

  • Category Mapping & Management

  • QS & Commercial Management

Working with our professional and highly skilled consultants, JPS are able to provide interim bolt-on support as required to your business.

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Bid & Estimating Support

JPS are able to effectively support your business in regards to work winning working alongside your business development and estimating teams to deliver:

  • Dedicated procurement support to your bid team.

  • Ensuring the prices included within the bid are sourced effectively to meet the end clients requirements.

  • Review and vetting all quotations to ensure they comply to specification.

  • Capturing all assumptions and risks associated with the supply chain for the proposed project.

Supply Chain Analysis

Effective supply chain analysis allows businesses to review their current spend profile, understand who their supply chain is, identify risks and opportunities.  JPS are able to provide a full business review of your supply chain, including:

  • Spend Profile.

  • Identify your top 25.

  • Existing process and governance.

  • Identify risks and target opportunities for the future.

Category Mapping & Management

From an effective supply chain analysis review, clear category targets can be identified for your business.  Mapping out core categories of spend within your business allows you to effectively:

  • Establish Category Agreements for your businesses largest spend.

  • Dramatically reduce costs and control spend through new agreements and the application of effective strategies.

  • Reduce operational costs by managing key risks and responsibilities of categories going forward.

QS & Commercial Management

JPS’s highly skilled consultants and network partners are able to support your business and provide interim QS and commercial management support, including:

  • QS support in regards to Live Projects - Including preparation of monthly client valuations, commercial management of subcontractors and agreement of accounts, variations and final accounts.

  • Commercial Management and consultancy  - Supporting clients with the contract management and cost control of a project, review of contractual terms, identifying contractual risk and offering commercial strategies going forward.

  • Cost Management - Project cost forecasting on a monthly basis.


What is the problem you are solving look like?

JPS have the ability to provide your business with procurement and commercial professionals.

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With in some organisations it is difficult to recruit key professionals in order to support short to medium term requirements.

This can sometimes prevent businesses from achieving their target expectations which reduces growth and turnover.

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What does success look like for the client?

JPS provides interim or outsourced procurement & commercial support to your business when you need it.

We are not an agency and we fully employ all of our personnel. Each member of the JPS team seconded  to your business has a dedicated JPS line manager supporting them.

JPS professionals give your business the confidence to succeed.


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