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Our Specialist Sectors

At JPS we offer specialist procurement support and services in a number of key sectors. Here is a brief insight in to our capability within our supporting sectors.


The Construction sector equates to on average £100bn annually to the UK economy.

This is a massively significant market, when you think over 50% of this value is either purchased or subcontracted in by 3rd party suppliers and subcontractors (SME’s). JPS have over 25 years of experience in this sector working for major international main contractors as well as UK based companies.

However even in this well established sector the approach to daily procurement activities is tactical at best with little or no thought to the bigger picture by some SME’s within it. This is where JPS can help and bring larger PLC practices and processes in to these smaller supporting businesses to ensure they are operating at their most efficient and cost effective.

Oil & Gas:

Although some people believe the Oil & Gas sector is on the decline. Oil and gas will still provide two-thirds of total primary energy by 2035 according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The expenditure focus has now shifted to primarily maintenance of assets rather than new projects going forward.

Procurement within the Oil & Gas sector has always been a fully embraced and embedded in the larger EPC organisations to ensure the correct procurement reviews take place based on the whole life analysis of the asset or new capital equipment requirements.

Today this remains the same, however due to reduction in overheads some of these experienced procurement professionals are no longer available.

This is where JPS can help. With over 20 years Oil and Gas EPC procurement expertise within the team, JPS are the safe pair of hands to strategically procure the largest projects requirements.

Energy & Telcoms:

The Energy sector is an ever changing environment with the use of new technologies coming to the market such as; Wind Battery Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel Cells etc. With these new technologies comes new manufacturers and supply chains emerge or evolve to service these new requirements.

At JPS we believe in not only embracing change but being prepared for these changing markets. It is essential procurement ensure, that these new markets and vendors are effectively evaluated and mapped to ensure eligibility and assurance of delivery for the key scopes required.

Within the Telecom sector JPS have in excess of 20 years experience in this environment. Developing and implementing complex procurement and supply chain strategies for not only key projects but also full network rollouts within the UK and Europe.

Public Sector:

Public sector procurement activities are highly regulated.

That’s why JPS pride ourselves on providing the knowledge and skillsets required to support our key clients within Central Government, Local Authorities, Education and Health Care Authorities.

JPS are well versed in the current public sector procurement routes including; OJEU, Digital Marketplace and CCS Frameworks in order to ensure a robust and auditable process has been followed for each project we have undertaken.


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