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Delivering Project Strategic Procurement.

Due to the pressures of cost reduction and reduced profit margins within the SME sector businesses, key personnel have now been lost and as such Procurement and Commercial Services no longer exist or are simply paid lip service to when required.

These necessary function requirements have now been transferred to the operations or administration teams to deliver. Whilst this has allowed overheads to be re-aligned in the short term it has severely impacted these businesses ability to think and act strategically.

Therefore, the majority of procurement carried out by today’s SME business is typically based on a tactical approach at best. With no real long term view on the critical path supply chain.

With the JPS outsource approach to Procurement and Commercial services we provide the much needed support to the SME businesses. By simply providing a high level of professional capability and experience you can trust.

Based on the client’s requirement JPS have the ability to provide you with a strategic approach plan to your procurement requirements for your business needs or to focus specifically on a project in order to deliver short and long-terms results which can transform the critical path supply chain and your business.

Once the strategic approach has been reviewed and agreed by the client. JPS will then implement the strategic targets identified. This can mean working alongside a client’s existing team or remotely depending on what best suits that business.

This process can take place on specific project where JPS will manage the full procurement requirements on behalf of the client. Typically including:

· Development of the Project Procurement Strategy

· Identifying and qualification of the list of vendors

· Management of the Procurement Schedule/Plan

· Fully management of the Invitation to Tender and bit analysis process

· Interface with the client’s project team.

· Monthly progress review meetings

· Analysis, clarification, negotiation and recommendation of identified packages

· Through to final placement of the supply or services contracts.

This provides the client with dedicated procurement team they can trust for the life of the project.

By clients opting to utilise the JPS outsource approach in this way. This allows existing staff members to be released back into their business to focus on their actual deliverables which equates to between 3-4 hours per day of additional productivity elsewhere such as a greater focus on cost reduction, increasing sales opportunities, client engagement etc.


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