A New Perspective On Recruitment

Due to the success of our outsource services approach, we are now extending our support portfolio further in regard to supporting our key clients permanent and temporary staff requirements.

Therefore in 2019 we established JPS-Recruit.

At JPS–Recruit we focus solely on our specialist area and therefore sourcing only professional Procurement and Commercial staff for our clients temporary and permanent positions.

Within excess of 25 years senior and board level experience in both the Procurement and Commercial sectors. The JPS-Recruit team are the trusted partner to find the right candidate to suit your business needs.

Because our team understand the exact keys functional requirements we are able to easily identify potential candidates with the right skill set to suit these positions. Having actual procurement and commercial experience within the team gives JPS Recruit that added advantage over other recruitment businesses.

JPS-Recruit have the ability to place personnel on a temporary basis to suit the short term needs of our clients or to cover a specific period until a permanent candidate can be found. This service provides our clients with vital time that facilitates a greater opportunity to find the right person to suit their business for the long term.

The JPS-Recruit team are the trusted partner to find the right candidate to suit your business needs.

Owing to every candidate being Pre-Interviewed by JPS-Recruit this provides greater accuracy for the client in regard to a successful outcome. Plus, we have reduced the client’s internal recruitment timescale down by 50% on average. This allows our clients more time to focus on other key business activities.

If you would like to here more about this or any of our other services please get in contact via our website or email enquiries@jps-procurementsolutions.com

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